Dynasty Mindset

Everything you do today, every decision you make every day, reverberates infinitely in the immortal soul, persisting through all your descendants—that soul inherited from all your ancestors, who all watch over you, paying spiritual earned in their life to influence fortune in yours. If you choose to be a cringe and sinful loser today, you curse not just your life, but a thousand lives, both before and after you.


When I said this, I meant it very literally: it’s the mechanism of dynasty, and I'm going to teach you how to see it. I'm going to teach how to see a thousand years into the future.

Habits are like a river bed that guides the direction of fate as it flows through an individual. It doesn't nudge in any direction, except deeper, and deeper. This is how you can be sure of anyone's future, you simply extrapolate the consequences of their current habits, lifestyle and conditions.

You can look at anyone and calculate their future trajectory based on the path they follow today.

It's rare today to meet someone in their 20s actually actively engaged in a serious career. They have little industriousness, willpower or agency. This is a symptom of their education and failed spirituality, because their understanding of the process of future making is foggy, and God given motivations have been made unclear.

They're distracted and confused, but the path can be made clear to anyone with the will to follow it.

People are often asked where they see themselves in 5 years, but that gets you an answer on where they would like to be, not where they're going. It's better framed:

"If you continue to live as you live today, where will it place you in 5 years?"

Your future is a condition of your current activities, and most often the unfortunate answer is: in the exact same place.

Our futures do change, but not slowly—suddenly. Everyone's future has inflection points. Interventions of fate come crashing down like a waterfall and our future is permanently adjusted onto a new trajectory.

You can extrapolate anyone's future trajectory from their current conditions, all the way up until their inflection points.

Most people interpret these moments of fate as something aside from their agency, unrelated to their past actions and the way they live their life. But it's the opposite, these key life points are where your agency to act with virtue, or not, factors in most essentially, both actively and passively.

These moments come in two forms, a test of fate or a karmic reward/retribution.

The latter is a product of your passive, past agency, in your everyday virtuous actions, or lack thereof. Luckiness is of course not a purely random condition, your karma is a consequence of your decision making, because how you live is a needle you push against the realities of everything else you interact with in the world, and this modulates the character and degree of your exposure to any significant moment that might be described as chance.¹

The former demands active, present agency, to prove yourself and your virtue in a challenge. And just as you can extrapolating someone's future based on their current trajectory, you can estimate their successes or failures in these moments of fate based on their current virtue, because virtue is habit and habits are ever ingraining. Rewards follow hardship, and challenges of fate follow success. Your right action in these challenges decide the future you unlock.²

We are tested throughout life, but there are a three universal tests everyone must enter in their life: coming of age, marriage and death.

Marriage is a test.

People are rarely asked where they will be in twenty years, one hundred years, or one thousand years. Is five years really your timeframe? If it is, you won’t be in the exact same place in the next century, but deep in the abyss.

"If you continue to live as you do today, where will it place you in twenty years?"

People barely think in a five-year perspective, now face them to twenty. The answer, for anyone well adjusted, is a spouse and children. But what spouse? What children? It's not an unknown, and it's not random: your children are a product of the spouse you select, and the spouse you select is a product of your actions and choices today.³

If you choose to be a cringe and lazy loser today, you will get a spouse deserving of such tomorrow. If you choose to be sinful, spineless, and non-virtuous, you will get a spouse deserving of exactly such.

This is what I mean when I say the reality of spirituality will hit you hard when you meet your children: the direct product of your selection, as a direct product of your virtue and karma.

If you continue to live as you do today, what spouse will you have? What house will you give them? What grade of descendant will you produce?

What spouse will your children obtain, and what would their children be like, in one hundred years?

"If you continue to live as you do today, where will your dynasty be in one thousand years?"

You need to be thinking in these terms. You need to be thinking of dynasty.

The recognition of life after death is the fundamental distinction that makes man superior to animal. Many exist today and can barely get over the hurdle of satiated distraction, like an overfed mouse in a lab cage, they fail even to achieve basic biology, and now we treat it like an achievement when a peer simply enters a stable marriage. But it has never stopped there.

The basis of nature is reproduction, but dynasty is reproduction extrapolated. Dynasty is life after death.

You have to see beyond the present and into the future, because your soul is inherited and will be passed on: you exist here as a product of every decision made by every each one of your ancestors, and every decision you make today will reverberate infinitely through the soul you pass on.

The despondency of this age is due to losing track of the natural and obvious goal of dynasty. It is the only goal in which to orient yourself. It’s the only immortality.

People select their partners for the most banal reasons. They "vibe", they're "sexually compatible", they "just clicked".⁴

As a woman, you need to be thinking very seriously if the man can genuinely support and maintain a prosperous family for your children, and your children's children. As a man, you need to be thinking very seriously if the woman can do the same in her role.⁵

You need to be thinking very seriously if they are oriented towards this realistic future in collaboration with you.

Marriage is not a decision for life, it’s a thousand years. The moment of inception your dynasty’s next trajectory is permanently set. You need to spend everything you can to prepare yourself for that ultimate decision.

You will always be able to find someone compatible. What about someone good?

What about making yourself good enough for someone good?

Before the test of marriage is the coming of age.

For the masculine soul, men are born imperfect and rise to the challenge to be excellence, forged stronger with challenge. Women are the opposite, they are born perfect, and can only be damaged and battered over time.

Thus, for men, coming of age is not inevitable, and many men reach adulthood while never experiencing it, remaining fundamentally immature. As a man, coming of age means the growth of a spine, internalizing the fundamental virtues that define an honorable man, the basic prerequisites to successfully participate in great enterprise as well as run a stable household: respect, loyalty, integrity, industry and courage.

Inversely, for women, her coming of age is a natural inevitability, and can only be damaged, by toxic corruptions, physical, or spiritual. In this capacity, the woman's father is responsible for her protection until being relieved to her spouse, and as either fails their duties, the damage passes down his dynasty.

I’ve met many men I could not say have crossed their maturity of adolescence. Think of any stoner you know. Any man without ambition. Any listless and distracted deviant. They're as unfit for marriage as a broken woman.

Think about the future dynasty of this coupling.

Think about the many women you know in 5, 6 year relationships with an aimless man with no intention to marry them.

What do they live for?

Most often these people spiral in non-marriage long term co-dependent relationships, wasting each other's youth to satisfy a hole in their chest, before eventually resettling someone fresh. The man has no career, the woman is aged out and psychologically devastated, their selections for a spouse are tarnished and the man's weakness and the woman's trauma is passed onto the children.⁴

They’re mired in a world of distracted confusion, incapable of answering for themselves. Their trajectory is purely stagnant and when they hit the wall of fate's inflection point, you can already know that their descendants will be hurled cliffside over into the abyss.

It's not just the case for losers.

Think about the mother who pushes her daughter to be a honors grade student, focusing entirely on school, or the father who sends his daughter to be a lawyer or a doctor. What kind of spouse will she find? What kind of mother would she make, how would her children be reared? Not for success.

Think about the SF tech founder, exited with 8 figures but got sucked into a relationship with the first gold digging bay bunny mid to lock her sights on him. She's not from a good family, she's not very sharp, her values are broken, but she's easy, fun and they're compatible. The consequence for his complacency is his children will be mid, too. The wealth will be squandered within a few generations.

What do they live for?

They’re misled into chasing the wrong goals because their future sight is small. They’re looking five years into the future, not one thousand years.

There is only one genuine point against which to orient every decision in your life: dynasty.

There is only one correct answer to the question, “What do you live for?”

You need to have a dynasty mindset.

Pride, happiness, money earned and lost over a single life is not meaningful wealth. It’s a spiritual dead end. This is why death is the final test.

The completion of the cycle of maturity is the acceptance of death, and the conditions with which you leave the world behind are the fulfillment of your obligations to your ancestry and determine your descendants.

Those who fear death at the time of death know they failed, and they enter the after life, if at all, with that feeble doom in their soul.

Death is the final test and it’s one that is meant to be overcome.

Death is a challenge to determine your place beyond life, because life after death is in your descendants, and at death, you know what future you've given them.

Your ancestors watch over you, spending a currency earned in their lives to influence fortune in yours.

This is true, materially, biologically and spiritually, in the wealth they pass on at death, in the biological choices made in spouse selection, and in the spiritual rearing they delivered unto you, the values delivered and example they set.

You are blessed or cursed by all the decisions of each one of your cascading ancestors. You stand facing your descendants the same as your ancestors face you now.

The immortal soul you’ve inherited is a baton passed down from generation to generation, from forever before and into an infinite forever more.

Today it's in your hands. Don't fumble it.


  1. For more discussion on my system of Karma and Virtue, see: Gold and Glory in Times of Thought-Chaos

  2. The simple formula to always win is (1) know yourself, (2) know others, and (3) know virtue. In general, people struggle to know themselves, because they live without virtue, and so struggle face themselves in the mirror. Without knowing themselves, they cannot know others. This is why their failure in tests of fate is inevitable.

  3. 美麗的妻子,幸福三年。



    TL: Beautiful wife, three years of happiness. Good cook, thirty years of happiness. Wise Wife, Three Generations of Happiness.

  4. The youth too often confuse heady romance with love. Love is found in grandparents holding hands in the garden, not with teenagers in the backseat of a car, because love is grown over time.⁷ Physical coupling is a condensed metaphor for the spiritual process of love as a mutual integration between two individuals into one, and a ritual that helps accelerate its immanentization. Compatibility in terms of both lifestyle and preference is an inevitable byproduct.

  5. A woman in marriage gives herself totally to the man, orienting herself around him as his world, just as she previously would her father. A man must be able to carry this burden with a straight back, and show himself as a model for his sons and protect his daughters. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose his wife’s respect, turning her sour, which will be passed onto the children. A woman is born pure and is scarred with traumas over the years, which if not healed will be passed onto the children. A man must be able to care and heal here wounds, not add to them.

  6. A lot can be said on the failure of most people in modern relationships to understand the mutual responsibilities they hold with each other emotionally and spiritually. We live in a contemporary dark age where individuals are forced to re-learn ancient wisdom on the mystery of the opposite sex through trial and error, instead of being simply told the secrets. eg, the majority of relationship ‘communication issues’ come down to men not understanding women express their problems because they want their feelings empathized with, not because they’re seeking a solution; and women not understanding men inversely are only interested in a direct solution, and if it’s not available, they prefer to seek internal resolve rather than engage their problems socially.

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