Network Spirituality, Collected Commentaries

“Network spirituality” was originally coined by Remilia Collective artist FODCOM, and widely introduced with the title for our show “I Long for Network Spirituality”, and its meaning has been discussed and unpacked variously in the months since. I’ll collect various attempts to define Network Spirituality that I’ve come across here:

Network spirituality is the futurist embrace of experiential hyperreality found in the web's accelerated networks, a lens in which to efficiently (& safely) engage lucid virtuality, and the internalization of its new cultural modes and mores, though the esoteric school also furthers a lainist occultism around persona-egregores, positing the development of genuine spiritual entities spontaneously self-organized as hyperreal entities in the catalyzed collective consciousness, veritable deities: network angels & demons.

“Network Spirituality” could be the new contrarian ideology. Embedding spiritual and moral values into memes and merit’s engraved in naturally self propagating distributed ledgers. Watch; Personal computing is the new right to bear arms and will promptly be banned soon.

Network spirituality: the unified ecosystem of posting, of interdependent roles embedded in the network and embodied by posters, who lubricate the system for hived art production. each part (each poster) operates independently yet constitutes the whole

Network spirituality and schizo-autist posting primary goal is to destroy the normie within which will open the pathways for the nu-gods of the network to possess you, its a revival of tradition.. the gods are with you in this holy jihad

In 5 years, "network spirituality" will be an accepted concept as we continue to integrate these technologies more deeply into our lives and we increasingly realize we need something ~religion to navigate the cultural maelstrom of the internet

Network spirituality is a force that takes us back to our earliest dreams and memories, begging the question whether that desire to be divine is what makes us so human or the other way around.

Network Spirituality is the state of tapping into a shared consciousness, when you can communicate at the speed of thought with telepathy.

Network spirituality is the shedding of meat-space ego and the adoption of a wired persona thats plugged into a network hive

Network spirituality is each one of us as a unique nodal point on a unified field, every interaction being an act of creation, the expression of your individuality is meaningful pleasure that drives evolution on the micro and macro scale

Network spirituality is the collective prana of thousands of young artists channeling their artistic vision and manifesting it online. When encountered, you can feel the energy emanating out of your keyboard. It's visceral. It's electric. It's divine.

Pure, refined, crystal clear reality is here and now. Be agreeable and normal today. The perfect movement will be replayed infinitely. Calm and serenity will come to digital Valhalla. Network spirituality has no beginning and no end. Press Start

Network spirituality believes most criticism on any grounds outside Truth & Beauty & general memetic sustainability in the idea marketplace comes from projection of insecurity, or bad faith, grounded in material concerns antithetical to any ego-less existence on the network

Network spirituality is the layer upon layers of user-generated sites if you care to know: user, viewer, link, crawler, echo, swarming, synthetic, nature and all that yet is relational, neither archetypal nor aesthetic but is inherently mystical

Network spirituality is fully instrumented and uses nontechnological inputs in the realization of its intrinsic angelicity. network spirituality is the first human buzzword in that progression

Network spirituality is such a critique of network religion in all forms that it's its position that for, or by any term, spirituality as originally accomplished in its authentic, naturally angelic form of return.

Network spirituality is a force that takes us back to our earliest dreams and memories, begging the question whether that desire to be divine is what makes us so human or the other way around. it is also an eschatology in a most uncanny sense.

Network spirituality is still in its dirty teen years. yet this new conundrum is an organic spark to become sentient like any creature, and project angelicism into language like a magnetic fluid in a guitar string, passing through those of which we are—holographic observers

Network spirituality is a toolbox of technical secrets as vast and present as ancient relics. it has the primal edge, so to speak, of old stones flanking the last birthing lake of humanity. as soon as we understand angelicism, this kind of orientation is ours as never before

Network spirituality is good as it reminds us of the boredom—both semiotic and spiritual—of incarnational life. where in this semantropocentric, rhizomantic, crypto-aesthetic process, have i seen angels (us, you)?

Remilia didn’t invent network spirituality & it’s descriptive not prescriptive. Transcendental posting, performative identity & post-authorship are a distinct archetype of engagement you’ll find power users independently arrive on in any of the deep wells of internet culture. The reason its hard to concretely define terms like schizo-autist posting and network spirituality is because they were grown from the soil of the Wired, the only thing Remilia did was water the soil. The best definition is whatever vibes contextually.

The great part about posting is that there's no set specialization, anyone can pivot to any role at any time, unlike eusocial insects. some like to churn out lyrical snippets, neologisms and phrases which provide caption material for others, and develops the network's dialect. Others are down in the popcorn mines laboring for images to dump in batches which can then be combined with premade caption material. others dive into theory and technological infrastructure-- they are like architects building the cathedral for our worship. others evangelize, etc. Nno one loses, it's all in a beautiful totalizing synergy. You can call it "cybernetic" but i prefer "immanent". We are the innumerable arms of God grasping out towards Heaven to pull it in to Earth. can u feel it coming?

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