Notes on the New Net Art and Network Spirituality [Guest post: @eschatalogies]

New wave digital art should not be judged solely on aesthetic merit but just as importantly for its ability to develop a total vision of the Wired and above all create network spirituality.

Ancient Greek art is held in the highest regard because it developed a whole mythology that shaped religion, morality and way of life. Thought is implicit in the art works of Ancient Greece but not sufficiently disengaged from the sensory to reflect its own products.

The problem of modernity is the development of rational self reflection. The beauty of art appears in a form which contrasts abstract thought. Thus, abstract thought destroys the naive/sensuous appreciation of art in exerting its nature. Reality is slain by comprehension.

Proper interaction with the wired involves the trance separation of real abstract thought and accelerates externalisation into pure intuition, embodying the network and unselfconsciously drawing out truths from the collective noosphere.

Through this being on the wired we achieve a return to naive, unselfconscious interaction. The individual ego is sacrificed into the collective noosphere, uniting us under a totalising spirit. The best art in the wired is not only beautiful but produces a network spirituality.

I long for Network Spirituality!

Guest post by @EschatoIogies.

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