What Remilia Believes In
April 20th, 2022


Remilia Collective is a fellowship of pseudonymous net art extremists, a virtual tribe functionally organized like a cyberyakuza, a groupchat-as-studio-collective modeled as if CCRU met the Factory, embodying an novel artistic philosophy centered around network spirituality. Remilia formally organized 1/2021 with the goals of platforming the New Wave of Net Art and building the New Internet.

Opening text from "I Long for Network Spirituality"
Opening text from "I Long for Network Spirituality"


We are unapologetic radicals on a holy mission, we believe in:

  1. Post-Authorship
  2. Posting is the New Art
  3. Abundance Mentality
  4. The Whitepill
  5. Network Spirituality

I’ll unpack each point in this post.

✥ Post-Authorship ✥

Recognize memetic culture cedes no authorship, no credit; art is produced in a lucid state playing handmaiden to collective unconsciousness—and accelerated by the web—Art comes from beyond the self, comes from the network, or God. Claiming it is hubris.

Information wants to be free, culture follows evolutionary flows—viral memetics—and accreditation, provenance, patents, copyright are all burdens that strangle the free flow of the work and ruin its memetic fitness: plagiarism is praxis, freeing work from hindrance.

Ilyena's Angel
Ilyena's Angel

✥ Posting is the New Art ✥

True posting is egoless & performative, it embraces contradiction and playfulness with one's persona; it twists language & coins neologisms with casual deftness, we give ourselves over to the network & let it run through us.

A new performative-literary art happening every day, 999MPH on the information highway, we post hard & neverstop: lucid, carefree, delirious POSTING is wickedly funny yet deeply insightful—jokes come from the beyond always containing the seed of truth: the only meaningful theory.


✥ Abundance Mentality ✥

Karma is real at every level; all presumptions are manifested, you receive the world what you give to it. We escape the spiritual poverty of scarcity by embracing a mindset of abundance regardless of real means, knowing wealth of all types will follow.

This reflects in our antithesis of irl art world's interpersonal habits: a space of extreme scarcity—many players, few winners—they gatekeep workflows, resist collaboration, maintain vicious competitiveness & shallow loyalties as a standard. We reject all this & win for it.

✥ The Whitepill ✥

We believe in the whitepill, in love & optimism; we're giddy, fun-loving, forgiving with a clear conscience that knows if you love the world & everything in it, you will be loved in return. Reject bitterness,sarcasm,envy & know that hate's always a projection

We believe in beauty, virtue & truth in all things—we stand against spiritual and aesthetic ugliness—and hold standards of living that respects our health, respects our spirit & respects our friends. Your world is the one you make it; we farm good karma every day and win win win.


✥ Network Spirituality ✥

Network spirituality is the futurist embrace of experiential hyperreality found in the web's accelerated networks, a lens in which to efficiently (& safely) engage lucid virtuality, and the internalization of its new cultural modes and mores.

Though the esoteric school also furthers a lainist occultism around persona-egregores, positing the development of genuine spiritual entities spontaneously self-organized as hyperreal entities in the catalyzed collective consciousness,veritable deities: network angels & demons.

Mara's Killer7
Mara's Killer7


But, as with all things Remilia, remember:

Dissolution of consensus is praxis, a rhizome is an infinite rabbithole, God lights the path & guards the back of the righteous, order is fractal, karma is fate, love is power, everything is real, and interns wrote this post.

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